Why Cleveland is Beautiful!?

Why Cleveland is Beautiful!?

I took this photo back in August 2012. I had a plan to drive around Cleveland and just take pictures. We all hear and read about how depressing Cleveland can be, and yes it can be depressing, but there are some positivities about it. I moved to Cleveland five years and a half ago, and never felt so welcomed in a city the way I felt here in Cleveland. I took a challenge on myself to explore the city on my own, and I often drove around just to know streets and neighborhoods. I fell in love with the city, yet I still did not like it much. My problem was that Cleveland has been dead economically for a long time that the city is taking too long to recover. Everything closed early, no people were out after 10 except in the bars, and it seemed to be a boring place.

But why do I think Cleveland is beautiful? It’s beautiful because it’s people still believe in it. I consider myself a temporary resident of Cleveland, and will move somewhere else after I graduate. I salute Cleveland’s residents for their constant support of their city, and for their belief in its wellbeing. I know that one day in the future, I’ll be so proud that I ever lived in a beautiful city called Cleveland.


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