Her Silent Screams

Silence! She’s here.

Good morning. How are you? Did you sleep well last night?

She never answered. She walked in with her head facing the ground & never responded. I felt the need to ask more questions. I wanted to know what was wrong. I panicked & yelled at her. I called her names & still no response.

She was never like that. She was fine yesterday so something must have happened last night. I wondered and wondered but couldn’t figure it out. I went back to her hoping she’d open up. She looked at me and gave me a death stare. I’ll never forget that look in her beautiful blue eyes. She said one word; silence! Funny how this word spoke a lot about how she felt. I looked back at her and said: “silence is a weakness to those who are fearful. Wake up and speak up! Tell me what’s going on.”

She stayed quiet for few minutes. She looked back at me and said: “can you hear my silent screams?” I honestly didn’t know what to say. I told her that I can & that I wanted to help. She smiled & said: “you lied because I wasn’t screaming.” She added more to my status of confusion. I thought to myself for few seconds and told her: “how come all you want is silence when you know I am hear to listen to you?” She suddenly stood up, took her things & told me: “who told you I wanted anyone to listen to me?” She then walked away.

That was my last encounter with her. She walked away with not even a hint of where she could be heading to. I got used to talking to her every morning. Opening up to her helped me survive a lot & now I have no one to speak to.

Who would’ve thought I would lose my soul like that? Who thought I would’ve missed my soul’s silent screams? I got so caught up with my life & ignored the fact that my soul needed me. I thought a morning conversation was enough but my soul needed more.

I would do anything to have my soul back; the soul that I treated as a lover & neglected as a lover too. I’m sorry for living my life with no soul. Come back to me and I will comfort you through all your silent screams.

And to you people, listen carefully. You’ll never know when your soul is actually screaming. Take good care of your souls, and listen to all their silent screams. One scream might save your life.


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