The Wait: A Random Short Story

She stood on top of the mountain waiting for him to appear. She’s been waiting for few months now for him to come back from war and he still never wrote to her or attempted to send a messenger. They were in love or maybe something more than that. They were a modern day Romeo and Juliet minus the balcony and the family horror. They were lovers in every way possible.

She met him that one cold morning while she was buying milk, and it started then. He bagged her milk for her and wished her a Merry Christmas. She went home happy as if she got her Christmas gift early. Christmas eve, she opened her gifts, and found a box without a name on it. She opened it and found an empty milk glass bottle with a letter in it. She asked who was it from, and her mom said a stranger dropped it off for her. Yolanda was surprised, happy, excited, nervous yet still joyful because Frederick felt the same connection she felt.

The day after Christmas, Yolanda got up so early to go to the milk shop to see Frederick and thank him for the letter. She was thrilled by what he wrote in the letter, and she wore what he asked her to wear; a white dress to reflect her angelic beauty. She walked in and without any words said they hugged. They kissed and they held hands. They stood quiet for few minutes trying to understand how all this happened. Yolanda was in love and Frederick was in love too. Frederick told Yolanda to pass by at 8 o’clock at night after he closes because he will take her out somewhere. She went home, put on some make up, fixed her hair, and walked out the house ready to take on the world.

Frederick ended up taking her to his house to meet his parents. Quick move Yolanda thought to herself; however, she was happy that Frederick was sincere in his feelings. It was all good until Frederick made an unexpected announcement at the dinner table that left Yolanda crying. He told his parents that he was joining the German army to fight in Hitler’s war against Poland. Yolanda’s thoughts were mixed, she wished she never met him yet she was hoping he would be back soon. Frederick told Yolanda that he has few days left with her before he leaves and she was just an emotional wreck. They kissed for the last time, hugged, and shared words of love that were too young still. Frederick walked away while Yolanda’s heart followed him. He walked away to an undecided fate while Yolanda’s certain fate was decided since that announcement day; a fate of waiting.

Months passed and Yolanda is waiting for Frederick to write her. Months passed and Yolanda is waiting for Frederick to come back. Months passed and Yolanda’s mom is wondering where her daughter was every morning, until she followed her one day and found her on the top of the mountain waiting for Frederick to appear. Or maybe waiting for her heart to beat again.


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