Your Way

Your Way – Omar Kurdi

You still haven’t found your way to me

Running away, hiding from a memory

Not able to say a word

Not able to make a sign

Stab me with your new sword

Mark a new destiny

Once a friend, now a dream

Erase all of me

Rewrite me, remake me

Draw me like a painting you want to see

Tell me like a story you want to hear

But how can you

You still haven’t found your way to me

Here I am a friendless friend

A dreamless dreamer

Here, there, somewhere I existed

In your life near or far

Today, you’re in a new horizon

And I’m distant yet close like the sun

But how did you not find your way to me yet

Am I that bad, horrible, and unbearable

You know I’m the most breakable

A heart made of glass

Mind made of clouds

And a body made of letters

You know me

So why are you not here yet

Stop pushing me

Stop letting me go

I still have some hope

But I’m afraid that one day

It’ll all go

I’ll disappear

The smoke of my ashes will fly away

As my soul meets its creator

So find your way to me

Or maybe I should find my way to you

Maybe you’re not the one who’s far

And there could be a way to move past this scar

To become a better person

Grow into a dream

Become a happy flowing stream

Don’t find your way to me

I am coming to you

This empty body will soon be full

And this dancing soul will find it’s teacher

The traveling mind will stop for once

And the weeping heart shall smile again

I will find my way to you.

These wavy dreams will hit my shores

And my boat will row as long as I know

That I am on my way to you

It’s too early for ashes to fly

And too soon for me to die

I will smile and gaze for a while

As my soul meets its creator

As my soul meets you.

Don’t find your way to me

I’m finding my way to you…



**To the one who knows my 100%


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