About Omar

Omar Kurdi is a 28 year old Arab-American. He holds a Masters in Public Administration degree and a Bachelors of Arts degree in International Relations and Middle Eastern studies. He grew up appreciating politics, arts, history, and music. He also loves community service and helping others. This website is a way for Omar reach out to more people, and hopefully a forum to publish his thoughts and articles.

Omar was born December 20, 1990 in San Francisco, California and then moved back to Amman, Jordan. Omar lived there till 1994 and then moved to Muscat, Oman. He attended preschool and elementary school in Oman till 1999. Omar then moved back to Jordan summer of 1999 and stayed there till October 2007. Omar finished his senior year of high school in Cleveland, Ohio and proceeded to college.

Omar currently works as the Chief Executive Officer of an adult day care center in Cleveland. In his free time, Omar is a theatre artist, and has performed in his first professional theatre production in Cleveland on November 30th, and December 1st of 2018. Omar currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Cleveland Public Theatre. Omar also self published his first poetry collection in the beginning of 2018 titled “Delirium.”

If you wish to contact Omar you can email him at:


Follow him on Twitter: @OmarKurdi20

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